• This disclaimer defines:
    • the web page: every web page in which the publisher has included a hyperlink to this disclaimer with the intention to subject that web page to this discaimer;
    • the publisher: the autorised publisher of the web page;
    • (to) use: amongst others - download, log on to, request, reference, read, view, listen to, edit, fill in (form), send, copy, save, transfer, distribute, receive services, perform legal transactions (e.g. buy , rent, sell);
    • you: the person using the web page and/or the legally responsible adult of the user;
    • the content: amongst others - text, images, hyperlinks, sound- and/or videofragments and/or ohter objects;
    • damage: direct or indirect damage of any kind, e.g. lost data, lost income, profits or any other economical disadvantage.
  • The following text applies to the web page. By using the web page you agree with this disclaimer.
  • Despite frequent updates of the web page, it is still possible that the content is incomplete and/or inaccurate.
  • The publisher is not accountable for damages that may be related to the use of this web page or the inaccessability of the content of the web page.
  • The publisher can change the content of the web page or terminate the web page with or without prior notification.
  • With the exception of this discaimer, the publisher is not responsible for the content of web pages of third parties. Linking to these third party web pages does not confirm or ratify those web pages and/or their content.
  • Unautorised or improper use of the web page or its content can be interpreted as a violation of intellectual property, privacy legislation, publication and/or communication in the broadest meaning of those words. You are responsible and accountable for everything you transmit from withing this web page.
  • The publisher has the right to block your access to the web page. In order to do so (if needed) the publisher has the right to monitor the access to this web page.
  • You shall safeguard the publisher, his or her employees, representatives, licence holders, trade partners and the author of this disclaimer from legal and illegal measures, prosecution etc., including the cost for legal councelling and accountants etc. inflicted by third parties as a result of your use of the web page, your violation on any legal settlement and/or the rights of third parties.

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